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Frequently Asked Questions

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Beelingwa breaks down the barriers between translators and customers!
Unlike traditional translation agencies, our platform allows customers to enter into direct contact with the translators.

Our platform offers the following benefits:

  • Quality: all of our translators are tested and carefully selected when they register. This procedure enables us to offer the best possible quality of service to our customers. Furthermore, our translators are evaluated on completion of each assignment.
  • Speed: no more endless delays just to receive a rough quote! Our rates are straightforward and clearly defined. In addition, our search tool helps you to select the best translator for your requirements, further reducing the waiting time.
  • Flexibility: Beelingwa never sleeps! Our community of translators is large enough to offer you round the clock service, 7 days a week. For example, you could order a translation at 6 pm as you leave your office, and receive it the following morning.
  • Price: fewer intermediaries necessarily means lower rates than those charged by traditional translation agencies.

Of course!
You can add a translator to your favourites and request their services for subsequent translations.

Yes. Registration is 100% free!

Your payments are completely secure.

Data sent to our bank is fully encrypted using SSL encryption; no information is stored on our servers. We do not have access to your bank details at any point in the procedure.

There is therefore no risk associated with making payments on our site, as indicated on the payment page by:

  • • a small padlock symbol in the browser's address bar
  • • an https:// address

No! There is no credit system with Beelingwa.
We believe that the best way to develop customer loyalty is through high quality service, rather than a credit system aimed at obliging customers to use the service again.

With Beelingwa, you will always pay the amount corresponding to your order. And not a penny more!

The time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project.
When ordering, a delivery date will be calculated automatically and provided purely as a guideline.

Beelingwa's system automatically estimates the time that an order will take. However, this estimation is only a guideline.

If the translation is urgent, you can set a shorter deadline. In such cases, this requirement should be clearly stated, and emergency rates will apply.

Only translators matching your search criteria (language combination, field of expertise) will be notified by email and be able to apply for your project.

You can access the applicants' public profiles at any time, and make a selection based on their evaluations (awarded by previous customers) and their availability.

If you are not satisfied with a translation, you can reject it. The translator may then revise it. If, despite the changes made by the translator, you are still not satisfied with the translation, or if the translator refuses to revise the translation, Beelingwa will send the document(s) to another translator who will assess the reasons for your dissatisfaction. If this second translator finds the translation to be of good quality, the translator will be paid, as is only correct, and you will be invoiced the extra cost of having the translation checked. If the quality is found to be poor, then the order will immediately be assigned to a new translator at no extra cost.

No personal data is accessible or passed on to third parties. Only translation-related information is visible to other members (fields of expertise, language combinations, etc.).

Yes. Translators have to take aptitude tests when they register. These tests are designed to assess their language and writing skills, and to ensure that we offer our customers a high level of quality.

Our aptitude tests are designed by qualified, experienced linguists.

There are three separate tests involving proofreading, translation and revision.

These tests enable us to evaluate the translator (with a score of between 0 and 5) and to accept or reject their application. For more information about our aptitude tests, please visit the webpage 'Translators'.


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