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Content marketing to attract prospects and convert them into customers!


An effective content marketing strategy will help you attract a clearly defined audience and convert prospects into customers.

In the digital age, any business wanting to expand internationally needs high-value content that is tailored to its target market.

It is essential to take good care of your content, with your market in mind. In return, your content will take good care of you!



Content marketing services to attract customers abroad. Beelingwa

How can content marketing services help your business?


Traditional, direct marketing techniques have little appeal to consumers today. Often, this “aggressive” marketing strategy just annoys them. However, good content marketing can be a big boost for customer engagement, and therefore for sales. Effective content can quadruple your website traffic, and bring you 3.5 times more qualified prospects.


So how does it work?

Writing high-value content will strengthen your credibility. It will naturally establish you as an authority in your business sector. It will inspire trust in the eyes of your prospects, because it shows your specialist knowledge and expertise.

Great content is the perfect way to keep your prospects updated about everything you have to offer.

According to recent studies, – before setting foot in a shop, 81% of buyers search for a product or brand online. On average, these consumers spend 79 days gathering information online before they make a major purchase. They research. They compare.

When a customer makes contact with a brand, they have already completed 60 to 90% of their purchasing journey. It is online that they make their decision to buy. So it is online that you need to convince your audience, with content marketing!

As part of a digital marketing approach and combined with a good  SEO strategy, content marketing can considerably improve your search engine ranking. People searching online for products/services like yours will find your site naturally. With content marketing services, you can let the customers come to you!

The secrets of effective content marketing


Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nescafe… These big global brands know it is vital to adapt their international content marketing strategy to their target market!

And this strategy pays off. According to a Fortune 500 study, companies that localize their content are twice as likely to see a rise in profits compared to other companies.

Hence the importance of offering your prospects abroad relevant content, in their language, via their preferred media.

International content marketing strategy to help you boost sales in your market abroad.

Translating keywords literally is a big mistake! Keywords that work for your home market may not work in others. You need to do keyword research to find out which keywords people search for in your target country.

These keywords will then be used to create content that is relevant to consumers’ searches online.

Good international content marketing means not just translating your message. It needs to be adapted to the social and cultural differences of your target market. Therefore you need to understand your audience, its history and its traditions.

For example, in certain cultures, a little humor goes a long way. However, in other cultures, humor (or the same kind of humor) might be ineffective, or worse, offensive!

You should also consider the cultural impact of your images. They might have particular connotations in one culture, but mean nothing, or something else entirely in another.

In short, your content needs to mean something (and the right thing) to your target audience. It needs to appeal to their senses and their emotions, to create a true connection.

Analyse your target market and figure out what kind of content will be most effective there. This means finding out which content is most shared on social networks in your target market.

You can also conduct a competitor analysis: you can learn a huge amount from what competitors are doing in your target market. Before you do international content marketing, it can be useful to see what your competitors abroad are writing, and how their content performs.

This will give you a good idea of what kind of content works, and what doesn’t, of what gets shared on social media, etc.

Online behavior differs among consumers: the channels used can vary from one market to the next.

For example, the main search engine used in Western Europe is Google, but did you know that in other parts of the world, other search engines are far ahead? The preferred search engine in China is Baidu, with over 70% of the market share. In Russia, it is Yandex that dominates the market.

Different regions also use different social networks. In Russia, you’ll need to communicate with customers on Yandex, whereas in China, WeChat and Qzone are the leaders.

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