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Keep your customers coming back with international customer service in their language!


Improve the customer satisfaction rate with a customer service in the language of your customers!


Imagine a potential customer is ready to buy your product/service. Your multilingual SEO / SEA campaign has brought them to your site, and your highly effective content has persuaded them to order!

But your customer has a question they would like to ask before they buy. They decide to contact customer support for guidance and reassurance. How do you think they will respond if your customer service representative doesn’t speak their language? All that hard-earned trust could be lost in an instant!

A Common Sense Advisory report indicates that 74% of consumers are more likely to buy on a site that offers customer service in their native language.


Beelingwa offers an international customer service, which will allow you to sell your products/services abroad without having to hire a customer service team per target market

A few statistics on multilingual customer service

of consumers are more likely to buy from a site offering customer service in their mother tongue.​ (Source: Common Sense Advisory)
of leaders in customer care say that international customer service in the customer’s language improves their satisfaction. ​(Source: ICMI)
of leaders in customer service say that providing resources in the customer’s native language improves their loyalty.​ (Source: ICMI)
of consumers worldwide have bought from abroad. Most of the website translations in their language have been adapted for their market. ​(Source: Forrester Consulting)

Beelingwa offers you multilingual support to help you improve your international customer service and improve your conversion rate!


Support clients multilingue et multicanal (email).
Beelingwa propose des services de support clients multilingue.
Support clients multilingue et multicanal (par tchat).
Support clients multilingue et multicanal (réseaux sociaux) ; service client international.

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