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Convert more visitors into customers thanks to multilingual A/B testing!


To improve your return on investment, you need to optimize your website’s conversion rate, for each market on an individual basis! This will allow you to convert more visitors into customers, so that you can greatly reduce what you pay per click.

A/B testing is a powerful tool to improve your conversion rate: it can make your site twice as effective. A worthy addition to your business strategy!

multilingual AB testing: an important part of international website optimisation to boost your conversion rate and reduce your cost per click.

What is A/B testing?


A/B testing is a valuable marketing tool. It involves testing several versions of a website on a sample group of consumers, then measuring how well each version performs (in terms of clicks, submissions, form-filling, etc.). The aim is to identify the version that offers the best conversion rate, transforming website visitors into customers.

The changes made can be both visual (colour scheme, image position, content layout etc.) and textual (wording, tone, etc.).

How do I convert more foreign visitors into customers?


Many businesses only perform A/B testing on the original (untranslated) version of their site. The website translation (or website localisation) process comes afterwards. It is treated as a separate step in which they translate the results of the A/B testing on the original site literally. This mistake will damage their conversion rate abroad, because what works on their home market won’t necessarily work on different markets in other countries. Consequently, their conversion rate in the target markets suffers. The localised versions do not convert as many visitors into customers as the original version.

Specific A/B testing is therefore essential for each target market. It boosts the impact of a translated website.

After all, what’s the point in translating your website, if it’s not going to convert visitors and bring you custom?

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