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Are you working in multilingual communication and international internet marketing? Have you just registered on Beelingwa.com and you would like to show off your skills in multilingual communication in order to attract more clients? Or maybe you would just like to display your writing skills?

As an expert in multilingual communication and international internet marketing, you will have many experiences to share. Do not hesitate and send us your articles! We will revise them and - if they follow the rules below - they will be published on our collaborative blog.


What kind of articles can you write?

Note that your article must be related to Beelingwa.com. Here are the main categories of our blog below:

  • Translation
  • Communication
  • Social networks
  • International internet marketing
  • International business development


Your article must be unique and original. It must not contain sentences or parts of sentences originating from any other websites! 
You article must not contain shocking, offensive or contrary to morality content.

Beelingwa reserves the right to remove, without notice, any content on the website that might be a flagrant violation to those rules.


Length of the articles


A good blog article should provide added value to its readers! 

Once they have finished reading it, readers should feel as though they have learnt something interesting which helps them to solve problems. Your article should be at least 500 words in length. However, you can write more as there is no upper-word limit as long as there is no repetition.

Therefore, ensure not to just touch on subjects.


Article categories


In order to help internet users easily find your article, choose one or more article categories listed below:

  • International internet marketing
  • Translation
  • International business development
  • Multilingual communication
  • Idioms
  • Interviews
  • Social networks
  • Software tools
  • News


If you article does not fit in with any of the categories, please contact us and we will create a new category for you (as long as it deals with translation, multilingual communication, international internet marketing and/or international business development).

Before submitting your article, please select one or more categories.

How to write your article? What should your article look like?

You may publish an article in French, in English or in Dutch. Of course, the shape depends on the kind of article you decide to write. In order to capture readers attention and continue reading your article, we advise you to follow some guidelines.


The title

The title is one of the key elements of your article. It is the first thing that will make the reader want to read it. In order to be striking, the title must contain no more than eight words and be catchy.


In order to have a relevant introduction, it must prepare the reader for the content of the article, but also convince him/her to keep reading it. In theory, your introduction should contain four or five lines.  

The lay-out

Your article must first be interesting and must give the reader the desire to read it until the end. It is thus important for your article to be pleasant to read. Write short paragraphs of about four lines maximum and separate your text with subtitles in order to classify the information. Do not hesitate to make a bulleted list to organise your ideas and highlight in bold the important information.

In order to write a catchy article, you should create an interaction with the reader by questioning him/her or by speaking directly to him/her. Do not hesitate to use feeling and thinking verbs such as “think”, “feel”, “imagine”, etc. 

Make your article interesting by adopting a new point of view. Avoid quoting general information that the reader may already know. You can also punctuate your article with personal anecdotes or with current facts. 

Please note that the aim of the articles published on Beelingwa.com is not to highlight a new service or product. Avoid thus to promote your personal services.  

If you would like to illustrate your article with a picture, do not hesitate to submit it to us.


Why should you write an article on Beelingwa’s blog?


Most of the articles published on Beelingwa’s blog will be shared on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Below each of your articles, Beelingwa commits to publish a description of your profile. This will allow you to be more visible and thus attract even more potential clients.


So what are you waiting for? Submit your article to us!

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