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Beelingwa is built on strong human, social and environmental values.
CSR is thus very much the foundation stone of our organisation.



The correct price ... for all!


Acknowledging our ethical and social responsibility, we strive to remunerate our translators fairly and appropriately. Translation is a delicate art that requires rigour and attention to detail; it should not be hurried! An experienced translator can usually translate about 2,000 words a day. Beelingwa takes this into account when calculating its translators' remuneration.

This is not only an ethical consideration, but also impacts the service we provide to our customers. There can be no doubt that the quality of service provided by a fairly paid translator will be substantially higher than that provided by an under-paid one. 

However, it seems to us essential - in terms of strategy - to practise competitive prices so that the maximum number of people (or entities) can benefit from our services. As a result the commission that we charge is significantly lower than that of the majority of our competitors.


Beelingwa is an Internet platform connecting professional translators with clients. Order your translation with just a few clicks!


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