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Beelingwa is built on strong human, social and environmental values.
CSR is thus very much the foundation stone of our organisation.


Chez Beelingwa, nous mettons l'accent sur la responsabilité sociale en entreprise.


Quality is one of our core values!

Above all, we strive to guarantee quality by carefully selecting our employees, associates and providers: only the best will do. This essential stage allows us to offer our clients service excellence. The professionalism and experience of our employees and associates will provide a solid foundation for your internationalisation project.

Moreover, in order to offer our clients first-class solutions, we carry out quality control on all our services.

We are very proud to support and advise companies throughout their internationalisation project. We want to go above and beyond what you ask of us. Will take the time to discuss your project with you and understand your goals, so that we can define your needs.   

Our aim is to support our clients in the long term, throughout the internationalisation process, and to grow with them…

During this support and advice phase, we take a proactive approach: we are ready to listen and help.

Acknowledging our ethical and social responsibility, we strive to remunerate our providers and associates fairly and appropriately. Beelingwa takes into account the particularities of each profession when calculating remuneration for its associates.

Translation, for example, is a delicate art that requires rigour and attention to detail; it should not be hurried! An experienced translator can usually translate a maximum of 2000 words a day. Beelingwa takes this into account when calculating payment for translators.

This is not only an ethical consideration, but also impacts the service we provide to our customers. There can be no doubt that the quality of service provided by a fairly paid translator will be substantially higher than that provided by an under-paid one.

However, we consider it essential - in the interests of fairness - to practise competitive pricing, so that the maximum number of people (or organisations) can benefit from our services. As a result, the commission that we charge is significantly lower than that taken by the majority of our competitors.

Projects entrusted to Beelingwa are treated with the strictest confidentiality. We require recruits to sign a confidentiality clause, stipulating that there will be serious legal consequences if they break the essential clauses of their work contract.

We promise to respond to your requests as quickly as possible.

Trust and respect are crucial values for us.
We know the importance of building a long-term relationship of trust. This is why we do all we can to meet your requirements.

Respect is also very important to us, for both our colleagues and our clients.


Beelingwa is an Internet platform connecting professional translators with clients. Order your translation with just a few clicks!


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