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At Beelingwa, we believe that a win-win partnership is a key element in developing business activities.

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A partnership with our agency will allow you to improve your SEO, as well as to increase your visibility and your revenues.

Beelingwa offers five types of partnerships:


1. Link exchange 

Many people visit our website every day. Placing a link to your homepage on our website will enable you to have a better SEO score and to gain more visibility. The more links to your website, the better! Referencing your website will increase the number of visits. In return, we will ask you to place a link to our website. .


2. Recommendation of services 

This type of partnership consists of recommending our services to our respective clients. If some of our clients wish to call on the services you offer, we will direct them towards your company, and vice-versa.


3. White label

This third form of partnership enables you to use our platform as a white label website.

It will enable you to increase your services, that is to say, to offer your own translation and proofreading services without mentioning Beelingwa. Increasing your services is the key to stand out in a competitive market. Our partnership will enable you to offer translation services and to earn a commission on every finished translation.

Nowadays, many clients prefer communicating with only one contact person. We believe that this type of partnership can constitute a serious competitive advantage for any company. 


4. Article exchange

Your company owns a blog? Guest posting enables you to be more visible and to reach more readers!


5. Advertising on our blog

You wish to advertise your product and to gain visibility in the market? Get more users by offering discounts on your products to the translators registered on our platform.


Do not wait any longer and submit your partnership suggestion! 

Here is a list of the companies with which we have established a partnership on the long run. Become a partner as well! 






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