Step 3: Convince customers to buy your product

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Over the last few weeks, lots of consumers from your new target market have been visiting your site. This is good news: it means you are gaining visibility and increasing your brand awareness on markets abroad!


But what use is increased visibility if your international communication strategy isn’t convincing customers to buy your product or service…?


You need customer persuasion strategies: ways to convince customers to buy your products and services!

How to convince customers to buy your product and convert visitors into customers: persuading people to buy

What techniques can you use on international markets to get customers to buy from you?





Appeal to the emotions and impulses of consumers internationally with transcreation.


Find out more about transcreation


Mutlilingual A/B testing

Mutlilingual A/B testing


Compare two versions of a web page to see which will convert visitors into customers, improving your website conversion rate


Find out more about multilingual A/B testing

Are you successfully convincing customers to buy your product?


Then go to step 4 to improve customer retention!


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