Step 4: Improve customer retention

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So you’re getting more and more foreign customers? Great! That shows that you have adapted your communication to their buying habits and culture!

But did you know that it is cheaper to improve customer retention and loyalty than to get new customers? That’s why it’s essential to keep your existing customers happy and loyal.

Providing good customer service is a crucial part of your customer retention strategy. It is important to listen to your customers and offer solutions and assistance in their language.

Happy customers and good customer retention strategies will make your buyers your best ambassadors!

Give your customers several ways to contact you, such as:

  • Multilingual telephone customer service
  • Multilingual email support
  • Multilingual customer support on social networks
  • Multilingual customer support chat

Customer service is important for customers' satisfaction. It is crucial to adapt your customer service to foreign customers.


A few statistics


of consumers say they have spent money because of the good customer experience provided by a brand. Source: American Express

the advantage enjoyed by the companies that provide the best customer experience compared to their competitors, in terms of purchasing, reluctance to change brand, and the probability of customer recommendations Source: Temkin Group

Le support clients multilingue va vous permettre d'améliorer votre taux de conversion et votre taux de satisfaction auprès de vos clients étrangers.


Now you have everything it takes to increase global sales. Check out the last step for tips on cost management!


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