An innovative approach to growing your business around the world

A holistic approach for effective development

Effective development requires a coherent strategy. This is why Beelingwa has brought together the skills necessary to support you throughout your process of international expansion. 

Our holistic approach is based on a comprehensive range of services combining translation, international web marketing and multilingual communication.

These services are overseen by a single manager, who will guide and advise you every step of the way during your development, to assist you in making your international expansion project a complete success.

La philosophie de notre agence de traduction et de communication multilingue est d'accompagner les entreprises tout le long de leur processus d'internationalisation

A results-oriented approach to reach the next level

Beelingwa actually listens to your needs and offers you the most suitable solutions to achieve your goals.

Let's imagine, for example, that you want to attract a global audience to your website. We can guarantee that, not only will we provide a translation of the content, but we will also help to implement a solid international SEO strategy, which is a fundamental step in reaching your target market. We'll also ensure that the entire website is tailored to your target market (by adapting payment methods, terms and conditions, and content etc. according to search intent).

How about if you want to export your brand? We'll localise all of your content, tailoring it to the specific aspects of your target market, for flawless communication and an enhanced brand image.

The advantages of choosing Beelingwa

Tailored support

Beelingwa is more than just a run-of-the-mill service provider; we're always by your side and support your company throughout its international expansion process.

Professional quality services

Courtesy of a rigorous linguist selection process and continuous evaluation of their quality of work, Beelingwa can guarantee you truly excellent services.

A comprehensive range of services

Beelingwa has brought together all of the requisite skills and expertise to offer you a comprehensive range of communication and international web marketing services.