The success of your international expansion primarily depends on your company's visibility abroad. Through the use of international SEO, highly qualified leads will find you in just a few clicks.

Beelingwa, your international SEO agency, will help you to successfully capture foreign markets!

As an international SEO agency, we help international business to improve their visibility abroad.

Be visible all around the globe, in just a few clicks!


Our SEO strategy is based on a "persona" approach. Internet users who stop by your website will be highly qualified leads.


We adhere to international SEO best practice to make it easier for you to be found online, anywhere in the world.


International SEO helps your company to develop its business abroad, thereby increasing its market share and revenue.

International SEO
Client testimonials

I’ve been working quite regularly with Beelingwa on multilingual SEO projects for nearly four years now. Since our relationship began, the number of visits to my website has continually increased.

Florence Charpentier

Event Coordinator

We worked with Beelingwa on our international SEO strategy. In the space of six months, we noted a significant increase (nearly two and half times higher) in traffic to our website.

Mélanie Renard

Communication Officer


Internet users opt for organic search results 94% of the time (and tend to ignore paid ads).

(Source: Search Engine Watch)


On average, 53.3% of Internet traffic and 40% of companies' revenues stem from organic search results.

(Source: BrightEdge)


Internet users are 20 times more likely to click on an organic search result compared to a paid ad.

(Source: Search Engine Watch)


International SEO: good practice

This free guide will provide you with a host of tips to help you to enhance the visibility of your website internationally. This advice will enable you to increase your market share abroad and, as a consequence, boost your revenue.

International SEO: good practice

What is international SEO?

International or multilingual SEO refers to all the techniques used to optimise the visibility of a website on search engines in different countries.

The implementation of an international SEO strategy is based on three cornerstones:



Often forgotten about, this is the bedrock of a sound international SEO strategy, and it involves:

  • Selecting the right search engines
  • Choosing the correct domain name strategy
  • Finding a responsive site



This mainstay of international SEO is the one most related to content, including, for example:

  • Identifying the right keywords for the target market
  • Taking terminological differences into account
  • Website localisation



To improve the global popularity of your website, various levers can be activated:

  • Link building
  • Blog writing
  • Using the right social networks

The implementation of an international SEO strategy therefore requires both expertise in organic SEO techniques and a solid knowledge of the particularities of the targeted foreign markets.

This is why it is essential that these tasks be entrusted to a professional international SEO agency!


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  • Pricing

What is international SEO?

The aim of SEO (or organic indexing) is to optimise your website so as to increase its visibility on search engines.

International SEO consists of optimising multilingual websites to improve their search engine rankings in other countries.

As keywords can vary from one market to another, it is not enough to simply translate the keywords for your home market. Instead, a new keyword audit should be conducted for each new target market.

Why should you consider international SEO?

Optimising the content of your website for multiple countries enables your business to expand its audience, and consequently to capture new markets and customers.

Why is the translation of keywords alone not sufficient for international SEO?

Translating keywords in an overly literal fashion is a common mistake.

To make a real success of your international SEO strategy, you need to bear in mind that search intent can vary from one country to another. For example, in some countries, consumers will primarily look for information relating to the safety of a product, while in others they will focus their searches on its technical specifications.

To identify country-specific search intent, you should carry out a keyword audit by target market.

How long does it take for international SEO to generate results?

It’s impossible to predict exactly when you’ll start to see improvements in your search engine rankings.

In most cases, results become visible between four months and a year after implementing an international SEO strategy. This may seem like a long time. And let’s make no bones about it: it's a lot of work!

However, the benefits of SEO will last over time. You’ll see a steady increase in qualified traffic to your website, and therefore an increase in sales from abroad.

Can you guarantee that my website will be ranked first?

Truth be told, nobody can guarantee you top spot on Google or any other search engine. The algorithms used by search engines are, for the most part, a closely guarded secret. If a company promises you first place in the SERP, that should be taken with a pinch of salt!

However, at Beelingwa, we can promise to implement the best practices and methodologies in regard to international SEO to optimise your ranking on search engine results pages.

What are the benefits of effective international SEO?

A sound international SEO strategy brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Offering your products or services in new markets.
  • Improving your website's ranking on search engines in target markets.
  • Significantly increasing the number of qualified visits from foreign markets.
  • Reducing your bounce rate.
  • Boosting your conversion rate.
  • Increasing your return on investment.

What do your international SEO services entail?

  • Pinpointing keywords specific to your target market

Your keywords need to be tailored to your target markets, which is why your multilingual SEO campaign must be produced from scratch. We identify the most relevant keywords for your sphere of business in your target market based on search volume, competition, market trends, etc.

  • Optimisation of your website content 

We integrate keywords into the content of your website in a natural and effective way, so as to attract more qualified visitors from the target market. This makes it easier for target market users to find your website after typing their query into their search engines.

  • Optimisation of metadata 

We modify the metadata of your web pages, such as page descriptions, titles, text alternatives, URLs, etc.

  • Adaptation of ALT tags

We add the most relevant keywords for your target market to your ALT tags.

  • Implementation of netlinking campaigns 

We can create, upon request, netlinking campaigns for your target markets.

Can I optimise a website translated using Google Translate?

A website translated by Google Translate (or any other piece of automatic translation software) will have an extremely low conversion rate.

Working hard to improve the SEO of a website with such a low conversion rate will not be of much use to you.

It would be better to have all content re-translated, re-adapted or re-localised by a professional agency, and to focus and work on international SEO during that process.

What are the best practices in the sphere of international SEO?

International SEO is a rather vast discipline, and it would be almost impossible to summarise everything here.

To find out more, we recommend that you download our white paper on international SEO best practice.

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