A 98.7% customer satisfaction rate, due to our employees and partners’ quality of work and responsiveness.

Florence Charpentier Event Coordinator

I’ve been working quite regularly with Beelingwa on multilingual SEO projects for nearly four years now. Since our relationship began, the number of visits to my website has continually increased.

Sara Bigwood Coach and author

I used Beelingwa for a quality check of my book on personal development, and I’m very happy with the service I received: the translator did a sterling job, and the team members are very professional. I would recommend Beelingwa to anyone looking for translation or quality control services at an affordable price!

Hélène Bienvenüe Communication & Marketing Manager

We often call on the services of Beelingwa for the translation of web, press and even technical content.

Due to their ability to meet deadlines, clear understanding of our needs, excellent customer service and high translation quality, Beelingwa has quickly become one of flibco.com’s providers of choice.

Thomas Royberghs Project Manager Digital Inclusion

Beelingwa is a reliable and high-quality partner that we use for all of our translation projects. Our delivery deadlines are always observed, and the quality of translations is superior to that of other agencies. With their friendly service and competitive prices, we highly recommend Beelingwa!

Didier Delahaye Director

We had a 25,000-word legal text that needed to be translated from English into French, and an extremely tight deadline (five days)! Despite these constraints, the Beelingwa team were professional every step of the way, and succeeded in delivering a polished piece of work on time. They remained transparent throughout the entire process of translating, reviewing, standardising and laying out our document.

Cédric Beraud Communication manager

Very early on in our international development strategy, we came to the conclusion that it was essential to find a reliable language services provider. Choosing Beelingwa to translate our website and other communication materials has definitely paid dividends.

Marion Garcin Communication officer

I’d like to thank you again for your work on our social media accounts. We’ve observed a substantial rise in traffic to our website and an increasing number of orders from abroad.

Mélanie Renard Communication Officer

We worked with Beelingwa on our international SEO strategy. In the space of six months, we noted a significant increase (nearly two and half times higher) in traffic to our website.

Daniëlle Gevaerts Project Manager

I’d like to thank you again for the quality of the translations you delivered. Your translators even spotted and corrected mistakes in the source text, which proves that the work was carried out intelligently and with the utmost care.

A big thank you!

Charlotte Neys Communication & Marketing Manager

Thank you for providing such high-quality services. Since your involvement, we have observed a steady increase in organic visits and revenue in our target markets(United Kingdom and Germany).

Clarisse Bulpa Project Manager

We’re very happy with the translation work carried out by Beelingwa. We were particularly impressed by their overall responsiveness and the speed at which they replied to our questions.

Gwendoline Egon Personal Assistant

Thank you so much for your high-quality translations. Your team really did an excellent job! We’ll be in touch with you very soon regarding the translation of a further set of documents.

Lennart Lemmens Social & Editorial Executive

We brought in Beelingwa to translate a large number of business-related documents. They were extremely flexible when it came to meeting our tight deadlines. We’re delighted by the quality of the translations.

Loïc Gerber Country Manager

Thank you very much for your invaluable advice about the French version of our website. We followed your recommendations and are already seeing the benefits in the French market: we now have a much better ranking and conversion rate in France.

Anna Zemblicka Research Project Coordinator

Flexibility and responsiveness are Beelingwa’s cornerstones. We’ve been working together on major international surveys since February 2016.

Beelingwa coordinates hundreds of linguists, organises the various stages of the translation process (e.g. translation, review, back-translation, adjudication) and draws up the reports.

Isabelle Gilles Marketing Officer

In a survey translation project, Beelingwa stood out due to their availability and the way in which they adapted to our constraints, and provided us with a speedy, high-quality service at a fair price.

We highly recommend Beelingwa’s services.

Béatrice Cohen Marketing & Communication Manager

We selected Beelingwa for our international communication requirements (translation, copywriting and social media) in 2017. Since then, the proportion of revenue stemming from abroad has steadily increased. We’re delighted with this partnership!

Eric Duclos CEO

Thank you for this excellent cooperative experience. I will certainly use your services again as soon as the opportunity arises!

Olivier Petit Creative director

We regularly bring in Beelingwa to write SEO content for our clients’ websites. Raphaël has always been able to execute these projects to perfection, with the energy and dedication that are so characteristic of people who are truly passionate about their work.

Jonathan Leplang CEO

As an SEO expert, I know how important a role text and content writing plays in the effective performance of a website, especially as Google will increase the weighting of text quality in its algorithm in the future. That is why I take an uncompromising approach to text quality for my clients.

I had already changed web editors several times until I found Beelingwa, who fully met my expectations: the topics are analysed in great detail, the tone of writing conveys the values of my clients, etc. And then there's Raphaël's thoughtfulness! I've got no hesitation in recommending them.