Strong and committed values that guide the way we work on a daily basis


Without passion, Beelingwa would simply not exist.

It was founder Raphaël Choppinet's passion for foreign languages and cultures that spurred him on to launch Beelingwa in 2015. It was also his passion for people, as well as his love of marketing and communication, that propelled him to steer Beelingwa towards the position it occupies today: that of a real partner ready to support any businesses eyeing international expansion.

Pursuit of excellence

Beelingwa offers a wide range of services that all have one thing in common: the constant pursuit of perfection and the desire to outdo ourselves to provide the best possible service. 

These elevated standards start with the recruitment of our partners and service providers, which entails a particularly demanding selection process.

Our quality assurance is also based on rigorous checks at each stage of the translation process. Finally, prior to each delivery, each service is subject to strict quality reviews.


Our methodology always begins with us listening carefully to our clients and analysing their needs, to ensure that we properly grasp the context of their request, as well as the constraints and expectations involved. This enables us to offer tailor-made services, specifically adapted to our clients' needs. 

In selecting Beelingwa, you can rest assured that you will receive customised support throughout your process of international expansion.


Respect is a core value that Beelingwa upholds in its client relationships, but also in those it enjoys with its partners. In the interests of ethics and integrity, we are committed to paying each of them fair and decent rates, which take into account the particularities of the profession. These respectful working conditions enable us to guarantee a high quality of service and performance to our clients.

However, charging extortionate prices is out of the question! So as to remain competitive and to allow as many people as possible to benefit from our services, we endeavour to charge a price that is right and fair for each of our services.

Our principal focus remains, first and foremost, to support our clients over the long term, throughout their process of international expansion.


Much more than a run-of-the-mill service provider, Beelingwa views itself as a true partner for the clients it supports in their process of international expansion, fostering a relationship founded on collaboration, in which each party grows and thrives from the knowledge brought to the table by the other.

On our website you will find several free resources, such as blog articles, white papers and checklists. These are highly practical tools intended to help answer any questions you may have about developing your business internationally!

In addition, we offer a support and follow-up service for your international expansion strategy, for which we would ask you to contact us directly.


The entire Beelingwa team undertake to respect and nurture cultural differences in each of their assignments.