Establish close ties with your foreign leads and increase your company's visibility in your target markets.

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Benefits of optimised management of your international social media


Targeted posts that are adapted to your target audience help to foster a sense of closeness with your audience, even when they are located abroad.


Developing a global social media presence will increase the size of your audience and the number of potential leads.


A social media presence will significantly enhance the visibility of your company with regard to your target audience.

International social media management
Client testimonials

I’d like to thank you again for your work on our social media accounts. We’ve observed a substantial rise in traffic to our website and an increasing number of orders from abroad.

Marion Garcin

Communication officer

We selected Beelingwa for our international communication requirements (translation, copywriting and social media) in 2017. Since then, the proportion of revenue stemming from abroad has steadily increased. We’re delighted with this partnership!

Béatrice Cohen

Marketing & Communication Manager

4.62 billion

In January 2022, there were 4.62 billion social media users worldwide.

(Source: Statista)


of marketers worldwide believe that social media can generate qualified leads. 

(Source: Statista)

2 hrs 27 mins

In January 2022, users spent two hours and 27 minutes on average per day on social media sites.

(Source: GWI)


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Why should I develop an international strategy for my social media networks?

Effectively managing your international social media presence will help you to accomplish the following aims:

  • Significantly increase your visibility in foreign markets
  • Create a sense of closeness with your audience, even when they are located thousands of miles away from your company base
  • Improve your foreign customers' satisfaction rate (and, as a consequence, their retention rate)
  • Boost your revenue

Why can't I just translate the posts from one language into another?

Applying the same tactics on social media, irrespective of the target market, is a widespread and common error. This is because what works in one market will not necessarily work in another, as each country has its own unique characteristics.

To make a success of your international social media strategy, all of your posts should be adapted to the target audience.
Depending on the nature of the post, it may need:

  • To be directly translated from one language into another
  • To be adapted to the cultural sensitivities of the target market. For example, posts related to news items in the target market will create a feeling of closeness with your audience.
  • To be created from scratch to reach the audience in your target market more effectively.

In summary, a sound international social media strategy is a subtle blend of translated posts, adapted posts and post created from scratch.

What is the typical profile of your community managers?

Beelingwa's community managers are hand-picked: we only work with those with significant experience and who are native speakers of the target country's language.

Each community manager is specialised in certain platforms, for a very specific target market.

Could you give me other examples of specific local characteristics?

Below are some examples of specific characteristics to consider in your international social media strategy:

  • News stories in the target market
  • Events held by your company
  • Choice of social media site
  • Social media sites do not benefit from the same popularity in all countries. Some that are very popular in certain regions of the world are rarely used or even completely unknown in other countries. For example, if you sell your products to Belgians, you will likely communicate on Facebook (among other sites). But when it comes to Russian consumers, you should set Facebook aside and instead use the "VKontakte" social media network, which enjoys considerably more popularity in Russia.
  • Style, tone and content:
    The type of relationship that forms between your brand and your consumers will vary depending on the culture of the target market. Your company should therefore study the culture and behavioural habits of consumers in the target country, and adapt the way it communicates accordingly.
  • Your brand positioning:
    In some cases, your brand positioning will vary from one country to another. Consequently, you may need to adopt other strategies on social media sites in the target market!

What are some best practices for international social media strategy? 

Good news! We have actually put together a checklist on this very subject. This should help you avoid the principal pitfalls prevalent in an international social media strategy. 

You can download it by clicking HERE.

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