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Multilingual social media management to help you connect with customers worldwide

Create close ties with your prospects abroad, through international social media strategy!


Social media has seen a boom in recent years, radically changing the relationship between customers and businesses! Consumers today like to stay up to date with their favorite brands and interact with them. They want to feel like a part of their international development.

And so many companies have risen to the challenge. Effective use of social networking sites is no longer a matter of choice. It is a matter of survival! And this strategy means taking into account cultural differences to target markets individually!



An effective social media strategy will allow you to manage your global presence on social networks, so that you can:


  • Significantly improve your global market visibility
  • Make your audience feel close to you, even if they are half way around the world
  • Improve customer satisfaction abroad (so that you gain their loyalty)
  • Boost your sales!



A potentially (very!) costly mistake…


Global communication through social media is a tricky and delicate art. When it comes to effective international social media strategy, lots of businesses make mistakes, and these sometimes have a very high cost.

Often, companies make the mistake of not adapting their communication strategy to cultural differences. However, what works on one market may not work on another. For example, the English market needs a very different approach to the Russian market.


Because every country is different. So international business strategy needs to work with these differences. Remember that social network use and habits vary between countries, so each target market needs a different social media strategy.


multilingual social network services increase your visibility on international markets



A few examples of cultural differences…


Different countries prefer different social networks. A network that is very popular in one region of the world might be little used or little known in another. For example, if you are selling products to English customers, Facebook will be an essential part of your communication strategy. However, if you want to communicate with Russian consumers, forget Facebook: it’s all about “VKontakte“. This site is much more popular in Russia.
The relationship between a brand and its customers varies according to the culture of the local market. Consequently, your company will need to conduct a target market analysis of consumer habits and behavior in different countries, and adapt your global communication accordingly.
In some cases, brand positioning needs to be adapted for different countries, so a social media manager needs to use different strategies for the target market!

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