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Penetrating a new market, localising a website or exporting a brand: such activities are crucial to a company's success and require professional, tailored solutions. Each country has its own culture, and your communication must be adapted with an awareness of linguistic and cultural nuances specific to the target market... otherwise multilingual communication can quickly become a fiasco and cause serious damage to your brand image!

In order to attract new customers and increase turnover, it is essential to manage these cultural and linguistic aspects efficiently. The best way of achieving this is with the help of specialists in the field.






Have you seen the job offer of your dreams? Seize the opportunity! Send in your application! But be careful, don't spoil your chances with a CV and covering letter littered with mistakes. Before applying, get some professional help: our linguists will be happy to translate or proofread your documents. You can be sure that this will increase your chances of passing the screening stage and getting an interview.


Students & Universities



• Dissertations, theses, internship reports and other such challenges are all part of student life.

It is essential that your work is free of errors! All spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax mistakes need to be ironed out, or the jury is likely to be disappointed. The following services are included in our student pack:

  • • Proofreading & correctionn
  • • Bibliography
  • • Layout
  • • Table of contents


• Universities also make use of our services to translate/proofread research work, presentations, etc.

Note: students are eligible for a special rate. Contact us
for more information on student rates.




Express your artistic talents and reach as many people as possible! With Beelingwa's help, you can expand your audience and make your work available to people all over the world.

Beelingwa offers translation and proofreading of books (ebooks, novels, short stories, comics, etc.), videos (Youtube/Vimeo etc.) and films.

Like to translate your (e-)book but don't have the funds? Don't worry! Your future readers can finance the translation of your book for you, and it won't cost you a penny. Bring together a community of reader-funding partners for your project and pre-sell your book. For more information about Beelingwa's crowdfunding solution, please contact us





Beelingwa is proud to work with NGOs all over the world assisting them with multilingual communication (brochures, reports, websites, etc.)





Feel free to contact us whatever your area of activity. For specific requests (personalised management, special formats, etc.), please contact us and request assistance from a specialist.


Beelingwa is an Internet platform connecting professional translators with clients. Order your translation with just a few clicks!


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