Step 2: Increase brand awareness internationally

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So, you’ve defined your target markets using international market research! You’ve implemented everything that’s needed to take your business abroad, but… you don’t have customers knocking your door down. Don’t panic: this is normal! This new market isn’t familiar with your business and your brand.


Now, it’s time to increase brand awareness internationally and promote your business to your new target customers!

When exporting your brand abroad, you need to improve your visibility abroad.

How do you make your business visible and increase brand awareness abroad?

You can spread your message much wider and raise brand awareness abroad to give your business international visibility, with high-quality, professional translations!

Choose your translation agency with care, because a bad translation could damage your company image and stop foreign consumers from trusting you..

With the arrival of social media, the purchasing process has changed radically! Today, if you want an effective strategy to gain customers, social networks are the place to go.

To connect with your new target customers, make sure you adapt your…  COMMUNICATION CHANNELS . Remember: different markets use different social networks.

Think of your website as the shop window for your business. By adapting your website to the habits of consumers abroad, you can connect more closely with your new target customers, and increase brand awareness to boost your business visibility abroad.

To increase your business visibility abroad, do market-specific keyword research. Remember: different markets search for different keywords.

Make sure you appear on the most popular search engines in your target market, and that you rank well for your target customers’ most frequent SEO keyword searches.

Have you ever heard the expression “Content is KING”?

It has never been more true! It is vital to produce regular, high-quality content in the language of your target audience, because it helps you become an authority and improves your search engine ranking in your new target market.

What is website localisation?


Find out more about website localisation!


website translation and localisation can raise brand awareness abroad and increase business visibility internationally.

Now that you have all the keys to increase your international brand awareness and business visibility, you need to make your new customers want to buy your products/services!


This is step 3 in your international business strategy.


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