International SEO strategy

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International SEO (also called multilingual SEO) allows your company to rank higher in the search engines abroad, and therefore, to improve its visibility abroad.


The world at your fingertips with international SEO strategy!


Website optimization is essential to attract new qualified visitors. To ensure that your international SEO strategy is productive, your website keywords must not be translated literally. In fact, your international SEO campaign must be the product of keyword research to find out exactly what keywords internet users in your target market search for.

Google isn’t the top search engine everywhere!


Google isn’t the preferred search engine in all countries. For example, Baidu is the top choice in China, whereas Yandex dominates the Russian market! These search engines use different algorithms, so you need to adapt your international SEO strategy for website optimization in different markets.


What are the benefits of good natural SEO?

A good natural international SEO strategy will help you:


Le référencement naturel multilingue (aussi appelé SEO international ou SEO multilingue) va permettre à votre entreprise d'être plus visible sur les marchés étrangers


  • offer your products / services to new markets
  • improve your site's search engine ranking in your target markets
  • significantly increase the number of qualified visitors from foreign markets
  • reduce your bounce rate
  • considerably improve your conversion rate
  • increase your return on investment

International SEO strategy

This is how Beelingwa’s SEO services can boost your search engine ranking and increase your site’s visibility:

As mentioned above, you should not translate keywords literally. Your international SEO strategy should start from scratch. It is important to identify the optimum keywords for your business in your target market (according to the search volume, competition, market trends, etc.).
We integrate the SEO keywords into your site, naturally and effectively, to attract more qualified visitors from your target market to your website. Consequently, your good search engine ranking will help internet users find your website more easily via their search engine.
We change the metadata to optimize your website. For example, we optimize page descriptions, titles, text alternatives, URL addresses, etc.

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