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Linguistic quality assurance checks for better quality translations!


Communication is crucial for your business. 

But it is a double-edged sword! 

High quality translations will give you a credible brand image. However, a simple translation error can badly harm your business.

It is essential to check the quality of translations from your language service providers.

But how, when your teams don’t understand the language into which your content has been translated? How can you be sure that the translation agency you use for your project is doing its job properly?

Why not get language QA from an independent provider, to check the quality of your translations? 

Our linguistic quality assurance department is independent from our “normal” translation team. That means our language quality control audit on your translations is entirely objective.

Linguistic quality assurance and language quality control checks to ensure your translations are effective and high-quality.

What exactly does a linguistic quality assurance check involve?

Linguistic quality control is about more than just proofreading.

The source and target texts are analysed in depth: Beelingwa conducts a phrase by phrase comparison of the source and target versions, identifies errors and corrects them. A quality report is then provided.

Here are the most commonly found problems during linguistic quality assurance checks:

  • Mistranslation
  • Lack of meaning or clarity
  • Missing/added elements
  • Incorrect terminology
  • Inconsistency
  • Formatting
  • Stylistic issues
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes


The severity of these issues varies: according to the errors found, a full report is provided.



The translation quality control report is a key stage in the linguistic quality assurance process

What are the advantages of a linguistic quality assurance check?

  • Peace of mind that you are publishing good translations
  • Clear identification of points for improvement in your multilingual communication
  • Recommendations for your translators and yourself or your company
  • External expertise

When do I need a linguistic quality assurance check?


Linguistic quality assurance checks are essential to maintain the quality of your translations and your company image

Generally, it is always best to get a linguistic quality assurance check. However, language quality control is particularly important in the following cases:

  • When your message will be visible to prospects or customers
  • When your company has doubts about the quality of the translations from your language service provider
  • When your company does not have the internal resources to conduct translation quality control on work from your provider

Our linguistic quality assurance checks provide the following:

  • An in-depth analysis of the original text and the translation
  • Identification of errors and anomalies
  • Correction
  • Checking against your instructions and glossary
  • Comments within the text
  • Full and detailed translation quality report
  • Recommendations to guide your translators

Interested in our linguistic quality assurance checks?


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