Increase your market share and revenue by taking your e-commerce website onto the global stage.

Why should you internationalise your e-commerce website?

Increase your market share

Create new business opportunities, reach a broader customer base and reap the benefits from a tremendous growth lever.

Boost your revenue

Increase your sales and give your revenue a significant boost. Some e-tailers make over 50% of their revenue on foreign markets!

Achieve an excellent ROI

Get up to a €25 return for every euro spent by using a team of qualified professionals.

Client testimonials - e-commerce sites

Voici un témoignage client pour notre service d'audit de site web multilingue. Ce service permet d'augmenter la visibilité et le taux de conversion de votre site web sur es marchés étrangers.

Loïc Gerber

Thank you very much for your invaluable advice about the French version of our website. We followed your recommendations and are already seeing the benefits in the French market: we now have a much better ranking and conversion rate in France.

Charlotte Neys

Thank you for providing such high-quality services. Since your involvement, we have observed a steady increase in organic visits and revenue in our target markets(United Kingdom and Germany).

Our services for e-tailers


  • E-commerce website localisation
    Adapting your e-commerce website is vital if you want to break into new international markets, as 80% of consumers prefer to buy from a site that provides a personalised experience, and believe that content localisation is essential. (Source: Shutterstock).
  • International SEO
    Through international SEO, your e-commerce website's ranking will be optimised on search engines that have been identified as relevant to your target market.
  • International social media
    Increase your community's engagement rate by entrusting us with the launch and management of your international social media accounts or by assigning us to adapt your social media content, depending on the target markets.
  • Meta tags
    We translate and adapt your meta tags to the expectations of your target audience so as to persuade Internet users to visit your e-commerce website.


  • Translation
    Convert as many visitors to your website as possible into leads and then into customers with professional quality translations. According to a study by the European Commission, 92% of consumers – even those who are multilingual – prefer to use websites written in (and proficiently translated into) their native language.
  • Content marketing
    Convert your foreign visitors into leads by creating content with high value-added content, adapted to the particularities of your target markets.
  • Transcreation
    Convey positive emotions and attract new customers abroad with creative translations. More specifically, this service generally involves the translation of advertising slogans and other marketing content.
  • Copywriting
    Use high-quality copywriting to persuade your visitors that the solution you are offering can solve their problem.

Translation services

Translation of product descriptions

This step not only helps to improve your website ranking globally, but to gain the trust of your consumers, bearing in mind that 76% of them prefer to buy a product the description of which is displayed in their language (Source: Common Sense Advisory).

Translation of customer reviews

Content generated by users of your website creates 12 times the amount of trust compared to content produced by your company. You might as well translate that content, then, which will substantially improve your conversion rate.

Translation of support tools

Translating FAQ pages, support e-mails, chatboxes and other documentation has the potential to reduce customer support-related costs by up to 50%, as your online users are then able to find answers to their questions themselves.

Translation of newsletters

Writing newsletters in target consumers' native language enables you to gain their trust and cultivate a sense of closeness – essential steps in triggering a purchase!

Six great reasons to have your e-commerce website translated


Internet users are five times more likely to make a purchase on a website that is available in their native language.

(Source: Common Sense Advisory)


of consumers only purchase from websites written in their native language.

(Source: Common Sense Advisory)


of consumers prefer websites they visit to be written in their native language.

(Source: European Commission)


of consumers regard the factor of price to be less important than being able to access a website in their native language.

(Source: European Commission)


of consumers have previously ordered online from a different country, most often on websites adapted to suit their own market.

(Source: Forrester Consulting)


of consumers refrain from making important purchases if the product/service description is not available in their native language.

(Source: Common Sense Advisory)

Into which languages can we translate your e-commerce website?

  • Translation into English
  • Translation into German
  • Translation into Dutch
  • Translation into Spanish
  • Translation into Italian
  • Translation into Portuguese
  • Translation into Polish
  • Translation into Chinese
  • Translation into Arabic
  • Translation into Czech

And a lot more...

Do you have any questions about taking your
e-commerce website onto the international stage?


Website translation and localisation: good practice

In this guide, you'll find a wealth of helpful hints and tips to enhance the visibility of your e-commerce website overseas, gain the trust of your users, improve your conversion rate and boost your international revenue.

EXPAND YOUR e-commerce BUSINESS internationalLY

  • General

  • Pricing

Why should I internationalise my e-commerce website?

Opening up your e-commerce website to the world offers many advantages, such as:

  • Better search engine ranking
  • Increase in traffic to your e-commerce website
  • Enhanced visibility for your business
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Increase in market share
  • Higher revenue
  • Sense of closeness with website visitors
  • Improved brand image

In which countries can you help me internationalise my website?

With the help of an extensive network of partners, our agency covers 175 countries across the globe. Consequently, we are in an ideal position to support you in internationalising your e-commerce website anywhere in the world.

When internationalising my e-commerce business, which aspects of my site should be adapted?

It is worth adapting all components of your e-commerce website in line with your target audience, including:

  • Textual content (keywords, terminology, tone, etc.)
  • Visual content (layout, colours, images, etc.)
  • Technical content (URLs, domain name, etc.)
  • Commercial content (currency, offers, promotions, etc.).

To find out more, download our free digital guide (and our related checklist) listing the components you should adapt to make a success of the localisation of your website.

Which methodologies do you apply to ensure high-quality work?

The pursuit of excellence is one of Beelingwa's core values. So as to deliver work of a superior quality, we have established strict procedures, which are described in detail on our Quality guarantee page.

Why is translating my e-commerce website alone not sufficient?

Each country has its own culture and particularities. This is why, in addition to translation, it is vital to adapt all of your content (texts, images, colours, currencies, logos, etc.) to the market in which you wish to make inroads.

This thorough adaptation is known as "localisation", and it enables customers to feel closer to your brand. It is also a good way to avoid making an embarrassing faux pas, by ensuring that you do not publish content that is poorly adapted to the socio-cultural particularities of your target market.

Do you work with native-language translators?

Yes, we work exclusively with native-language translators, i.e. linguists who only translate into their mother tongue.

How do I internationalise my e-commerce website?

Several steps are necessary to internationalise your e-commerce website.

It goes without saying that you should translate the textual elements, but more importantly, you will need to localise all content, i.e. adapt it to the particularities of the new target market.

It is also important to implement an effective web marketing strategy, through the use of, in particular, content marketing, copywriting or transcreation.

Last but not least, you should optimise your international SEO on relevant search engines and develop your community on relevant social media sites.

How can you help me ensure my e-commerce website is well ranked abroad?

It goes without saying that, if you choose to go global with your e-commerce website, a strong ranking on search engine results pages is extremely important.

To achieve this, you need to implement an international SEO strategy that entails:

  • Identifying relevant search engines for your target market
  • Selecting suitable keywords
  • Creating SEO content that is enjoyable to read

What return on investment can I expect after internationalising my e-commerce website?

The ROI from internationalising your e-commerce website can be measured fairly quickly. If the process is spearheaded by a professional team, it is estimated that this return can be up to €25 for every euro spent.

Why should I select your agency to internationalise my e-commerce website?

We support you throughout the entire website internationalisation process, applying tailor-made solutions to your objectives and problems you may encounter. We offer a full range of services that can be adapted according to your requirements.

What are some examples of best practice for e-commerce website translation? 

We've got some good news for you! Some examples of best practice to observe when translating/localising your e-commerce website are listed in our free checklist and digital guide.

The checklist and digital guide can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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